August 6th, 2017 by Doral Buzz

The yearly event to help Florida residents save some money in back-to-school by cutting the sales tax in many articles is going on now until Sunday August 6.

Do not miss this opportunity to save some cash, not only in school supplies but also in many other articles including clothing, computer equipment priced less than $750 and even diapers for those parents with babies and toddlers.

Press here for the list of all the tax exempt articles for the 2017 tax-free weekend.

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August 6th, 2016 by Doral Buzz

Se acercan las clases y este fin de semana los padres tienen la oportunidad de ahorrar en ropa, zapatos y materiales para este nuevo año escolar gracias a que el estado de la Florida ha designado que entre el 5 y el 7de Agosto ese tipo de artículos estén libres de impuestos.

Por supuesto existen ciertas restricciones como por ejemplo los artículos de ropa o zapatos que se compren no deben pasar de un valor de $60 dólares cada uno. Los materiales escolares de igual manera tienen un precio máximo de $15 por artículo.

Para más información entra al enlace aquí debajo para ver o imprimir la guia completa del Departamento de Rentas de la Florida sobre el fin de semana libre de impuestos para el regreso a clases.

2016 Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday


In only a few weeks our kids will be going back to school and many parents are starting to get the supplies they need for the new school year, but this weekend they have the opportunity to save some money thanks to a Florida tax holiday between August 5-7 on clothing, shoes and school supplies.

There are some restrictions of course, for example clothing as well as shoes must not have a value above $60 each. In the case of school supplies, each article must not have a value higher than $15.

For more details on the Florida Sales Tax Holiday 2016 please refer to the link below:

2016 Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday

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March 28th, 2016 by Doral Buzz

Recess time in schools have declined over the years even though scientific research shows the physical, social and cognitive benefits that a break has in young students.

Miami-Dade already has a recess policy but a group of parents in South Florida launched a petition because they want more playtime and in daily basis.

Read more about it in this Miami Herald article HERE.

Photo © David Robert Bliwas

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